Tuesday 9 April 2024

March Round Up

 Well it would seem I am rubbish at keeping a regular schedule for my blog.  Of course, life gets in the way...grandkids, travelling to Nova Scotia and then this stupid rotator cuff issue.  Anyway, I thought it might be fun to do a monthly round up of what I did knit, cross stitch and quilt in March.


I finally managed to finish Clue 3 of the Geogradient Shawl by Stephen West.  It was last October's mystery knit along, and as alway....I fell behind.  In fact, I think I kept putting off working on it, because Clue 4 seemed so daunting and way too many stitches.  However, I have a plan for that!!

Geogradient Shawl 

The Starlight Blanket by Attic 24, while not knitting but crochet...got some love during the rotation of my Gideon Method.  It's already getting so big and I am only on row 52 of 99!! It's amazing to see the way the colours interact with one another and make the blanket look so different from when I started it.

Starlight VStripe Blanket

The Musselburgh Hat by Ysolda Teague was my favourite thing to knit this month. I started it on February 12th and finished it March 13th.  Using my own hand dyed yarn, "School Uniform" I made it for one of my son's.  Having tried it on both of them to see what the fit was like.  Shawn won it.

Musselburgh Hat

March 21st while in Nova Scotia on vacation, I cast on the Helen Stewart mystery shawl....called Twenty Four Birds.  First time I have ever knit a circular shawl!! I dyed up three 100% Merino Fingering weight skeins in Mocha Brown, Yellow and Pale Purple to go along with a gorgeous bright red from stash.  I sprinkled red throughout the yellow and purple yarn to hopefully blend in with the red yarn.  Fingers crossed it works.  Each clue is released once a week....I am now working on Clue 3. 

Twenty four birds Shawl

Also on the drive up to Nova Scotia I managed to finish the third Emotional Support Chicken by Annette Corsino  which is for one of the grandchildren.  Easter gifts!!  These were so much fun to knit and a pretty quick knit too!

Emotional Support Chickens


I am currently working on two cross stitch patterns, although I may just have ordered something new!!

The first one is for my son Shawn, who recently lost one of his lovely dogs....and it's a Dimensions Kit called Peeking Puppies.  It's a very addictive stitch, considering it is mostly blacks and greys!!

Peeking Puppies

The other, to add some colour is for Tristan's little sister....her birth announcement, which is a Bothy's Threads kit and called Woodland Welcome.  It's so enjoyable watching these cute little woodland animals pop out of the fabric.

Woodland Welcome


I am still working on my Cotton Cuts Puzzle Mystery...actually two of them.  One is the Carnival PMQ and the other is Tree Of Life PMQ.  I am hoping to do a big catch up LIVE video next week.  You will have to tune in to see photos of those!!

I have also been working on another mystery quilt...from 2022.  This is the Around The Kitchen Table by Lynda Smith.   While I am still working on the last block, I am planning to put these together as a QAYG.

Around the Kitchen Table Quilt

Hope you enjoyed this quick round up of what I working on in March 2024.  Drop me a note to tell me what your working on, or join my Facebook Group and spill the beans there!!

Until next time......