Tuesday 28 November 2023

How Many is Too Much??

How many knitting projects have you taken on a flight....in a small bag....for a 3-4 week stay? Don't forget, you have to pack clothes, possibly your lap top or tablet (or both)...and toiletries in that same, small bag! I brought FOUR!!
"Wait what?"...your all asking. "Aren't you there to help look after your two year old grandson, and welcome his baby sister to the family??" Er..Yes. And that has been accomplished!! My beautiful little grand-daughter was born on Sunday, Sunny Anne Hunt, and she is a little doll. So now the fun begins, but there are three of us to rotate through and more help on the way in the next week when Papa arrives!!
So inbetween naps and cuddles, I have my knitting time back. I am working on a new sock pattern, (living in the little blue bag) which I am writing as I design and knitting on DPN's. It's been ages since I knit a pair of socks on DPN's, my preferred method these days is Magic Loop. So I thought I would try writing this pattern for both DPN and Magic Loop. Not sure if that's really necessary, and by the time its back from my test knitters, that might change.
Naturally I am not going to show you the actual pattern...which is all on the front of the sock, until I am happy with it and have at least one sock complete. Besides the lovely Leo, this has been taking up most of my time, until Advent begins on December 1, 2023. That's where the other three bags come into play. But you will have to wait and see what is in all of those festive bags when my Vlogmas begins! What's Vlogmas? Daily videos from December 1 - 24 on my TOBYKNITS Youtube channel. Hope to see you there!!

Tuesday 21 November 2023

Here we go again!!

Can you believe how long it has been since I last wrote a blog post!! A few weeks? No. A few months? No....how about a year ago. What!!! Yes...my last blog post was October 17, 2022. Time to get the pencils sharpened, the paper out, and start spilling the beans.
Probably the best way to catch up quickly, is to pop over to my Tobyknits Youtube channel and binge watch a few episodes. It also might not be a bad idea to subscribe too, as I will be doing Vlogmas again this year.
Many of you may know, but if your new here, I am off to Nova Scotia this week as my son and DIL welcome their second baby. I will be looking after the lovely Leo for them, and helping in any way I can over the next few weeks. Naturally I am taking my knitting with me. The knitting I plan on taking is all advent knitting. 1. The Cozy Knitter Advent Skein....which I am attempting two at a time, on one needle!! 2. Ellie Jones of Craft House Magic, Advent Shawl. 3. Kay Jones of The Bakery Bears Mystery Advent KAL. Super excited for all three. Let's hope I can keep up with them all. I will post my progress here, and on my Youtube channel too. It's good to be back!! ooh and I will starting a newsletter i the new year. subscribe for life updates, new pattern releases and more yarnie goodness.