Thursday 21 July 2022

Tying a Quilt

Have you ever tied a quilt?  I just did my first one....and it was epic!  This is the Unravelled quilt from the June 2021 Sew Sampler Box.  I made it for my daughter-in-law and added an extra row of blocks and an extra border.  So now it was huge!   

While I enjoy machine quilting on my Singer sewing machine, and I am learning so many cool techniques (Ruler Quilting, Free Motion, Walking Foot) this quilt was now bigger than I wanted to handle on my domestic sewing machine.  So it sat for a few weeks, while I decided what to do with it.  Then someone suggested I tie it. Wait what??  

"Tying, or tufting, is a quick alternative to hand or machine-quilting. Tied quilts have a puffier look than those that are quilted.  A tie is a stitch taken through all three layers of the quilt sandwich and knotted on the quilt top surface or, occasionally, on the back of the quilt."  American Pachtwork & Quilting, Nov 2017

So first I laid out my backing fabric, then batting and finally the pieced top using safety pins to secure them together.  I used some cotton yarn and a larged eyed needle, and did large ....really large, running stitching across the quilt top, through all the layers...almost like a huge loop.

Then I snipped each loop with my scissors, and tied a knot.  Keeping them spaced out as evenly as possible.

After each knot was tied, I used Fray Check to secure the knots.

It took me two afternoons to finish tying the quilt while sitting at my dining room table, watching the telly.  Think I am all caught up on Virgin River now....oh wait, season 4 just dropped.  Then it was time to trim, and bind.

I don't know about you but I love making and sewing on binding.  For me it really marks the finish, it's kind of like backstitching a cross stitch picture, just makes it POP.  And yes,  I do hand stitch it on the back.

I enjoyed tying this quilt so much, I think one I had earmarked to go to a long armer, will now be hand tyed by me.  It makes the quilt just so soft and puffy and you can really see the beautiful fabric shine through.  

Don't forget to check out tomorrow's Tobyknits Quilty Fun video, and see this quilt up close, including how I added a label.

Until next time, craft on!!

Monday 18 July 2022

Piazza Puzzle Mystery Quilt

 What is a Puzzle Mystery Quilt?

Okay, so you have heard me talking about PMQ's or Puzzle Mystery Quilts before on my Youtube channel.  But do you really know what it is?  How it works? Why you need to sew one??

The Puzzle Mystery Quilt from Cotton Cuts, is a 10 month block of the month program.  With a twist!
It is pre-cut for you!! incorrect cuts, no waste, no left over fabric to figure out what to do with.


Cotton Cuts latest PMQ is called Piazza and the first clue ships out on July 29th, but there is still time to get one of your favourite colourways.  I am doing a Valle small.  Click this LINK to go to the Cotton Cuts website to select your colourway and size.  You have two size options, a small 48" x 60" or a large 72" x 72".  

All the pretty colourways

Months 1-9 you will be sent a small packet in the mail with that months clue instructions and pre-cut fabric puzzle pieces.  Month 10 you receive border fabrics and the final clue of how to put the quilt together.

Let me tell you, my first Cotton Cuts PMQ was Olympia which I started August 7, 2021.  As a new quilter, the idea of pre-cut pieces really appealed to me.  I also love a good mystery, so the idea of putting something together each month, and trying to figure out how it all fit together was exciting for me.  The really interesting thing was, each month when I had assembled the still did not look like a standard quilt block.  All odd sizes and style blocks.  

Clue 1 of Olympia PMQ

It was not until Clue 10, when we started putting it all together that everything made sense.  

Centre block of Olympia

And then the final beautiful quilt.   I still need to finish the backing, and quilt this....but I made this for my Dad as the colourway name was Dorothy, which was my Mum's name.  I hope it will give my Dad some comfort being wrapped up in Dorothy again.  What do you think?

Finished Olympia Small Quilt

It looks like a stained glass window doesn't it??   The colours just flow together beautifully.  Here is a better shot, with no light behind.

Finished Olympia Small in Dorothy Colourway

It really is the most fun Block of the Month and definately beginning friendly.  If you do sign up, and why wouldn't you at this stage??  Remember to use my code ANNEPIAZZA to receive a FREE gift from Cotton Cuts in your first clue.  ALSO....I will be sewing my clue's EACH month on my Tobyknits Youtube Channel, so make sure to tune into watch if you need some help....or just want to sew along together.

Until next time, craft on!!

Thursday 14 July 2022

Jolly July Update

 How is your Jolly July going??  Mine is going great.  I am managing to keep up with all my cross stitch projects and have to say, I am really enjoying Boo Crew...and Letters To Santa.  Many of you know how much I love a good mystery, and these are no exception.

Part 1 of Letters to Santa

Letters to Santa is a pattern from Fat Quarter Shop and the cost is quite minimal for the PDF chart.  Every Friday you get a new section emailed and build the mystery one stitch at a time.  The first section released July 1st was the border, which reminds me of how the old airmail envelopes used to look.  When I first moved to Canada from England....40 odd years ago, this was how I communicated with my parents.  No cell phones or internet back then.  

Working on the black 14 count aida is not as hard as it looks.  I stitch in the evening with a light around my neck and a piece of white copy paper on my lap, under the aida cloth.  Much easier to see the holes.

Part 2 of Letters to Santa

Part 2 released July 8th and was super easy and quick to stitch.  Letters go so quickly...I am so excited to see what Part 3 will be tomorrow.  Do you have any guesses??

Boo Crew is the other super fun mystery QUILT and STITCH along from Fat Quarter Shop, and this one is FREE!!  I am actually doing both the quilt and stitch along...

Part 1 of Boo Crew

The chart releases every Tuesday in the month of July.  I am stitching mine on the called for Peaceful Purple 14 count Aida, using DMC floss.  This is much easier to see than the black ha ha.  One of the things I like about these patterns, is they don't use a ton of thread.  7 for this one, and if you don't have the called for fabric, they offer lots of great substitutes.  My friend Brenda is stitching hers on a Hazy Grey dyed aida.  It's so neat to see the difference in both of them.

I am not finished part 2 which released this week, but here it is so far...

Part 2 of Boo Crew

I just love the's so super sweet.  Tonight is my catch up night, so plan on finishing this section - which is the letter O - tonight.  Tomorrow on my Youtube video, I will show you how the quilt sections are coming along.

Leave me some comments below on how your #JollyJuly2022 is coming along.  Until next time...craft on.

Wednesday 6 July 2022

Camping and Cross Stitch....does it work?

 We finally got out on the road with our 19' travel trailer this past weekend. I can't believe this was our first time, normally we are itching to go camping in late May.  The first trip we never go too far, and it's only for 2 nights so we can restock the cupboards, remember how to use everything and make note of things we have forgotten.  Our first trip was to Rideau Provincial Park located on the historic Rideau Waterways, in Kemptville, which is 40 km from Ottawa.  

Our trailer all set up

Didn't take us too long to get set up, and after we had taken Toby for a walk around the area for a million air pee's, we were ready for a cool drink and some relaxing.  This is when I pull out the cross-stitch.  

Letters to Santa

I have to say, it was so peaceful...sitting in the shade, stitching away on Letters To Santa with Toby lying at my feet.  That is, until a wee little red squirrel decided to have a full on conversation with Toby!! Letters to Santa is a paid for weekly Mystery Cross Stitch from the Fat Quarter the link above for more details.

The weather was glorious the whole time we were there, not too hot....or humid.  Most of my days were sitting outside stitching and listening to music or the squirrel and Toby's conversation.

One day we took our 2 year old grandson for a few hours, and went to the beach.  Then paddled and splashed in the water.

Toes in the sand

Toes in the water

In the evenings, to avoid the mosquitoes we lounged inside, watching TV and naturally, me stitching.

Jungle Welcome

Toby being Toby...sleeping

I have to say, having all my projects in different bags, with their own set of floss, scizzors, pencils and patterns really helps keep me organized.  I think I may need to make a little floss catcher for all the little endy bits.  Something small...what do you use?  

And as for forgetting something, we did...something REAL BIG....the kettle!!!!  

If you want to know how my Jolly July 2022 stitching has been going, check out this weeks Tobyknits Flosstube:    

Until next time...craft on!!